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Biden Trolls Trump’s Out-Of-Context Fauci Ad With A Scathing Spot Of His Own

Former Vice President Joe Biden is giving President Donald Trump a taste of his own ad techniques with a new spot that makes it seem like Trump is attacking himself. 

The ad, which contains cobbled together words and phrases uttered by Trump, was created in response to a Trump campaign ad that used out-of-context comments to make it seem as if Dr. Anthony Fauci was complimenting Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Fauci said he was not talking about Trump, had never endorsed a candidate and demanded the removal of the ad, but the Trump campaign refused. 

The Biden campaign responded with this ad: 

During a campaign appearance, Biden slammed Trump for using the Fauci comments. 

“They used the ad knowing it was a lie,” Biden said in Ohio on Monday. 

Biden also called the coronavirus pandemic “an enormous opportunity” to emerge from the crisis even stronger. 

“That’s the uniqueness of who we are,” Biden said. “We now have an opportunity to build back, and build back better.”

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